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Jack Adler-McKean

The Techniques of Tuba Playing

ÉditionManuel (avec partition)
№ d’article763731
Auteur/CompositeurJack Adler-McKean
Languesallemand, anglais
Portée211 pages; 21 × 29 cm
Date de parution2020
№ de fabricantBVK 2421


  • More than 250 music examples, diagrams and tables
  • Some 100 audio samples recorded on instruments ranging from the serpent to the microtonal tuba
  • Detailed fingering charts for F, E-flat, C and B-flat tubas as well as for the euphonium, ophicleide and serpent

This book on the tuba is a companion for composers and players alike, deepening their understanding of this somewhat neglected family of instruments. It gives tuba players an opportunity to master and employ new performance techniques on their instrument, particularly in contemporary music.

Jack Adler-McKean offers helpful instruction in various tuning mechanisms, resonance properties, new forms of notation and contemporary practices. Using the most recent research, he subdivides and reconstructs processes of sound generation and modification to display the broad range of tonal possibilities in the tuba family, many of which can also be applied to other brass instruments.

The text is illustrated with numerous music examples and diagrams and is supplied with instructive audio samples which can be downloaded from the Bärenreiter website.


  • Preface
  • I. Introduction
  • II. The tuba family: a brief overview
  • III. Valves and other tuning systems
  • IV. Resonant characteristics and notational principles
  • V. Sonic resources I: Fundamentals of sound production
  • VI. Sonic resources II: microtonal and non-equality tempered sound production
  • VII. Sonic resources III: air noise (non-lip-reed) sound production
  • VIII. Modifying sounds I: the lips and facial muscles
  • IX. Modifying sounds II: the tongue, vocal tract, and other muscles
  • X. Modifying sounds III: instrumental mechanics
  • XI. Extraneous sounds and modifications I: vocalisations and other uses of the body
  • XII. Extraneous sounds and modifications II: external equipment
  • XIII. Anhang / XIII. Appendices
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