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Jan Van der Roost (* 1956)


Inspiration Series

perorchestra di fiati
Edizionepartitura, parti, cd
№ dell’articolo873577
Autore / CompositoreJan Van der Roost
Linguetedesco, inglese, francese, olandese
Anno di pubblicazione2006
Editore / ProduttoreDe Haske
N° del produttoreDHP 1064018-043


This rhapsody reflects the four seasons combined with the natural scenery that characterises the city of Québec and its surrounding region. Autumn is depicted with hunting horns playing in the forest, followed by a pastoral melody, principally in the woodwinds. Winter in the mountains is poetic and romantic. Spring arrives with a frolicsome and playful theme mirroring the start of new life. Soon everything flowers lushly, and the music swells into the full sounding energy of summer, bringing the work to a brilliant and dynamic close. A great work for any time of year.

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Tempi di consegna: 5–6 giorni lavorativi (ch )
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