Kurt Weill (1900 – 1950)

Kurt Weill Songs

A Centennial Anthology 2

K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (0)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (1)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (2)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (3)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (4)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (5)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (6)K. Weill: Kurt Weill Songs, GesKlav (7)
Singstimme, Klavier
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From a point early in his career, Kurt Weill showed an affinity for the dramatic use of songs as integral parts of his musical theater pieces. Many such songs were published individually at the time of each piece's premiere, but only a handful have remained available in recent years. This anthology makes the collection accessible in its entirety for the first time.

Included here, in two volumes, is each and every song from a Weill theater piece that was published individually during the composer's lifetime. The music is reprinted from the historical sheet music itself, so the user can see in the format and presentation graphic analogies to the many steps in the composer's life journey: Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Hollywood, and so on.The timing of this publication is significant in a number of ways. For one, it appears on the eve of a new century and millennium. That alone is enough to inspire a look back on the noteworthy music produced in the previous hundred years.

But the year 2000 has special meaning in relation to Kurt Weill. It marks the hundredth anniversary of his birth and the fiftieth anniversary of his death.This centennial comes at an especially propitious moment for rediscovery of the composer's work. The steady growth since the 1950s of interest in his life and music has accelerated in recent years. As people discover the remarkable range of Weill's accomplishment, both in the variety and quality of his work, the demand to hear and experience the music increases with each passing year. The celebration in 2000 will see the greatest number yet of Weill performances, of pieces both famous and unfamiliar.

This exposure to the composer's full oeuvre very much like the opportunity provided by this anthologywill encourage a fuller understanding of the composer and his creations and perhaps a greater appreciation of the character and depth of his contribution to music in the extraordinary century now past.


  • The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria - Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Nur Die Nacht darf nicht Aufhör'n - Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny
  • Oh, Heart of Love - - Johnny Johnson
  • Oh, the Rio Grande - - Johnny Johnson
  • The One Indispensable Man Knickerbocker Holiday
  • One Life to Live - Lady in the Dark
  • One Touch of Venus - One Touch of Venus
  • Our Ancient Liberties - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • Pirate Jenny - The Threepenny Opera
  • The Princess of Pure Delight - Lady in the Dark
  • The Promise - The Eternal Road
  • A Rhyme for Angela - Firebrand of Florence
  • The Right Guy for Me You and Me
  • River Chanty Huckleberry Finn
  • Le roi d'Aquitaine Marie Galante
  • The Saga of Jenny - Lady in the Dark
  • The Scars Knickerbocker Holiday
  • Seeräuberjenny - Die Dreigroschenoper
  • September Song - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • Sing Me Not a Ballad - Firebrand of Florence
  • Song der beiden Verkäuferinnen Der Silbersee
  • Song of Miriam - The Eternal Road
  • Song of Ruth The Eternal Road
  • Song of the Free
  • Song of the Rhineland Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Speak Low - One Touch of Venus
  • Stay Well - Lost in the Stars
  • Surabaya-Johnny - Happy End
  • Susan's Dream - Love Life
  • That's Him - One Touch of Venus
  • There'll Be Life, Love, and Laughter - Firebrand of Florence
  • There's Nowhere to Go but Up Knickerbocker Holiday
  • This Is New Lady in the Dark
  • This Is the Life Love Life
  • This Time Next Year Huckleberry Finn
  • Thousands of Miles - Lost in the Stars
  • To Love You and to Lose You - Johnny Johnson
  • To War! - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • Tschaikowsky (And Other Russians) - Lady in the Dark
  • Le train du ciel - Marie Galante
  • Trouble Man - Lost in the Stars
  • The Trouble With Women - One Touch of Venus
  • Two Hearts A Kingdom for a Cow
  • Vorstellung des Fliegers Lindbergh - Der Lindberghflug
  • Washington Irving's Song - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • We Are Cut in Twain Knickerbocker Holiday
  • We'll Go Away Together - Street Scene
  • Westwind One Touch of Venus
  • What Good Would the Moon Be? Street Scene
  • Will You Remember Me - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • Wooden Wedding One Touch of Venus
  • Youkali
  • Young People Think About Love - Knickerbocker Holiday
  • You're Far Too Near Me - Firebrand of Florence
  • Zu Potsdam unter den Eichen - Berliner Requiem
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